Balance rail key bushing replacement

Corroded balance rail pins from wood sap

Corroded keypins

Finished job

Grand bushings

Moth damaged bushings

Polished keypins

Polished pins & new bushings

Type 2 Grand bushings

Front rail key bushing replacement

2 Brass bushing cloth insert caul

3 Finished bushing on a Steinway M

Close up of worn bushing

Extreme bushing wear

Front rail key pins polished

Key bushing worn through to the wood

Moth-eaten front rail bushing

Spacing the keys

These bushings have been replaced, but the pins are still rusty

Keybed felts

Dirty Keybed

Keybed felts replaced

Moth & mouse damage

Keyframe removal

Moth-eaten balance rail felts

Key bushing worn through to the wood

Missing or chipped keytops

Hired help replacing the keys in the workshop

Keytops missing and ivory wafer discoloured

Missing black keys and keytops (school piano)!

New keytops on a Beale

New keytops on a Perzina

Keytops missing and ivory wafer discoloured

New keytops on a pianola

New set of keytops with fronts fitted

Replacing corroded key or damper lever leads

Corroded leads have split Steinway damper levers

Key lead corrosion

New leads fitted

Repaired lever ready for new leads

Repairing and filling damaged key

Repairing split keys - alignment is crucial