Loose or cracked bridges & soundboards

Bass bridge cracked and slipped

Big crack in the soundboard

Bridge cap has disintegrated and the pins have slipped sideways

Bridge shelf collapse

Lower treble bridge has come unglued from soundboard

Soundboard split

Split bridge cap (repair with epoxy)

Pedal repairs & chroming

Brass pedals

Broken pedals (removalist fail)

Corroded pedals

Fancy Lipp pedals

Four pedal Cornish - before

Four pedal Cornish - rechromed

Pedal base cleaning and spring replacement

Pedal supports dismantled

Pedals - rusty

Pedals - after re-chroming

Pedals polished and refelted

Re-bushed grand pedal lyre rods

Re-chromed pedals & surround

Split modern nylon pedal bushing

Steinway Pedals - before

Steinway Pedals - after

Unusual pedal locking mechanism


Beale Imperial Upright Grand after polishing

Ebonised re-finishing

Lipp - damaged veneer

Lipp lid - before

Lipp - pedal base

Lipp - polishing mouldings

Lipp - polishing the body

Lipp - polishing the fall board

Lipp - polishing the top

Lipp - polishing complete

Piano case bits 1

Piano case bits 2

Piano case bits 3

Polisher at work!

Re-polished Hundt & Sons, with inlay

Re-polished piano

Veneer patching & repairs

Repolished Lipp

Repolished Lipp


Cleaning frame before restringing after spillage

Interesting bass string replacement tactic

Restring after corrosion repair

Restringing top section only

Strings polished without replacement

Typical spill damage from a pub or club


Chappell before work commenced

Prepare and varnish soundboard

Respray cast iron plate

Chappell - frame back in, soundboard varnished

Chappell finished

Structural Faults & Possible Repairs

Catastrophe! Unrepairable.

Cracked lower cast iron plate (Alex Steinbach)

Cracked upper plate (Barless Beale)

Piano dropped - gluing back together

Fixing detached pinblock & frame to backposts!

Piano back together and regulated

Spare parts department